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CISD P-TECH Welding Priefert Tour

Posted Date: 11/14/2023

CISD P-TECH Welding Priefert Tour

From the desk of our P-TECH Director, Annette Hobbs.

After a great tour of Priefert Manufacturing a couple of weeks ago, the guys wanted to stop and eat at CiCi’s Pizza. We walk in, the guys get settled and start eating their food while I take care of the bill.

While I was sitting and enjoying my food, a kind little lady comes over and ask me what organization we were with and I told her what school we were with and explained what P-TECH was all about and the tour we had just finished. She looks at me and commented on what fine, respectful young men our students were, how they stepped back and insisted that she go through the line first. She continued to say… you just don’t see that any more. Of course my face lit up as I thanked her for the compliment.

It wasn’t ten minutes later, an older guy comes over and went through the same spill. He stated that our young men represents us well and I should be proud. He then said this; the best part, he said, is when he looked up and the guys all bowed their heads before eating and said grace.

You can only imagine how proud I felt at that moment! I’ve been wanting to share this but just hadn’t found the time until now. When you see these awesome young men, give them a pat on the back and continue to encourage them to do their best in everything they do!