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Part 3 from the Superintendent:

I consider coming up with an appropriate response a part of leadership. Times like this force superintendents to speak up yet humble ourselves enough to reach out to others for help and answers that fit current district needs. I must admit that this situation has a large degree of uniqueness to it as superintendents have spent countless hours in zoom conferences and doing the research of how to respond to the constant evolvement of information and trends. However, that is just the problem…..the swift changes in information makes me feel that we are lost in a maze and as soon as we begin to figure our way out the maze the corridors within it suddenly and abruptly change.  

I will continue to remain optimistic in our school system being able to open its doors in full force on August 10th. I have to think that way.  The leadership team in Clarksville I.S.D. is spending quite a bit of time this summer trying to get the district in a more nimble state for it will be important to quickly and more flawlessly transition to something different if another disruptions occurs in the approaching year. We are also pausing and taking time to think about the period of adjustment needed for both staff and students when we all return to campus as we have never had a break this long. As we continue to further study the making our organization more nimble and distance learning friendly, we are starting to realize that some of the habits, systems, and rituals of the traditional classrooms were quite frankly limiting. 

We have made a sizable investment in the area of technology for both our teachers and students to have their own devices. This community should stand up and be proud of providing the needed resources to provide our students with appropriate technology.  Providing this degree of technology is likely overdue and allows us to deliver a more modern-day education to our students. I believe that we are living in the age of technology and our teaching should reflect that. I also believe that as much grief and frustration that Covid-19 has created, it has forced school leaders to think about re-engineering the school experience so that students reach high academic outcomes, with the same or better proficiency in 2021 as they did before this pandemic occurred. See our plans for technology enhancement below: 

School 3


 Part 1 of Information Related to School Start Up 

Part 2 of Information Related to School Start Up




Hunter Dwyre’s name has been drawn to receive a Nintendo Switch for his work during the time off and during the summer in Freckle. He has received a gift card each week and proudly displays a Cheatham Super Star sign in his yard. This is Hunter’s first year in public school and I am SO PROUD of the progress that he has made. Mom and Grandmother have worked tirelessly to make this transition a smooth one.









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