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                  Athletic Director, Dewaski Davis
     In today’s world, it is imperative that each student receive a complete education.  Educators must use a variety of tools to give students the education they need to be successful in life.  Athletics is one tool that can be used to provide a complete education.  It is more than a physical program.  Also athletics tests the mind, body, improves both mental and physical strength and toughness of participants.  Athletics provides opportunities to teach many essential life skills and concepts that are hard to teach through academics alone.  Teamwork, discipline, responsibility, cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, and competitiveness are just a few of the skills and concepts that can be taught through athletics.  Athletics and academics are two interrelated opportunities for success.  As a teacher and coach, my job is to help each student understand the fact that hard work and success in academics and athletics can provide individuals with the tools needed to reach maximum potential in life.

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