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Courtney Malone

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 "Alma Mater"

All hail Alma Mater

Thou queen among the rest

In all our fond memories

Thy name we love the best

And as we walk that path of life

Or sail the storm tossed sea

Our beacon light shall ever be

Our days of Clarksville High School


“Fight Song”

“Oh when those Clarksville Tigers fall in line,

We’re gonna win this game another time!

For CHS we yell, we yell, we yell,

For all those boys we love so well; we love so well!

We’re gonna fight, fight fight for every yard!

We’re gonna win this game. It’s not so hard!

We’re gonna roll those (opponent) in the dirt; make it hurt!

Try Clarksville, Try!”

Courtney Malone

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