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Thanks to Clarksville ISD’s Stakeholders and Families

Posted Date: 09/02/2021

Thanks to Clarksville ISD’s Stakeholders and Families

Clarksville Family:

I wanted to express my appreciation for your support of the seemingly endless difficult decisions that I am forced to make. We all want the same thing---for our kids in to attend good schools and learning at an optimal level. Being forced to close one school for a week and not the others does have its consequences. For starters it places us on two calendars now with the secondary schools ending school as scheduled on May 26th and now the elementary school’s last day being June 3rd. I have opted not to create a new calendar for this as Covid-19 could likely dictate yet another calendar adjustment. Perhaps the more immediate implication of this week’s decision is we now have different dates of report card distribution. I want to assure you all that your level of support, patience, and more importantly your consistent ability to understand the difficulty of the decisions does not go unnoticed by me. I am extremely appreiciative of the support.

May you continue to challenge me and this district to continuously improve.