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COVID-19/Cheatham Elementary Temporary Closure

Posted Date: 08/30/2021

COVID-19/Cheatham Elementary Temporary Closure
Clarksville Community: The district and campus leadership began this school year with a commitment to ensuring both the health and safety of all students and staff. We are aware of the official local Covid-19 infection level resting at close to an all-time high of 90 individuals now and we find that highly concerning. We have been aggressive at both campuses with looking for Covid-19 related symptoms that both students and staff may display while at school. That aggressiveness has led to several students being sent home from Cheatham with Covid-19 type symptoms and a very small number of students at the secondary level being sent home. Cheatham, although none have a positive diagnosis themselves, has 7 teachers out due to district mandated quarantines because they simply share a home with a family member who is currently infected with Covid-19. Conversely, there are no teachers at the high school who are currently out due to either Covid-19 or a district mandated quarantine.

The data that exists is clear and leads us in a direction of closing Cheatham for the remainder of the week whereas as the high school will remain open for school for the remainder of the week. Our transportation services will run during their normal run times this week but only for both middle school and high school students. Today's decision does place the district on two different calendars for the remainder of the year. Our originally scheduled last day was set for May 26th which all middle school and high school students and staff will maintain however Cheatham's new last day is now June 3rd.

Respectfully, Dr. Kermit Ward CISD Superintendent