Pam Bryant

Pam Bryant

(Site Administrator)
Clarksville Independent School District


Drawing upon my thirty-six years of teaching and administrative experiences as a Clarksville ISD staff member provides me with knowledge to understand the strengths and weaknesses of CISD. Students and their achievements should be and will be what drives our District through the systemic change process.

I believe in the vision, mission and core beliefs of Clarksville Independent School District. Our teachers, administrators and students are in a partnership with our parents and the community to develop life-long learners that become productive citizens in an ever-changing global society.

Clarksville has been good to me over the years and serving as superintendent of CISD allows me to give back to our school and to our community. I am proud to be a resident of Clarksville, Texas and I believe that our school is leading the way in becoming a Level 5 District!

Personal Message

If you are unable to reach me at my office, please call my school cell phone (903) 240-6126. Have a wonderful day!

From the Superintendent

It seems that numerous rumors are floating around our community regarding Clarksville Independent School District. Rumors such as the high school principal has been fired, CISD teachers and support staff have not received pay raises this year, and the Senior Class of 2014 will not have a graduation stage are just three of the widely discussed rumors. The fact of the matter is that none of these rumors is true. The high school principal’s contract runs through June of 2015. CISD administrators did not receive a pay increase this year, but all CISD full-time staff (teachers, aides, custodians, cafeteria workers, transportation, and maintenance) received their state and local step pay raises. The graduating class will have a stage to walk across during the graduation event. If you hear rumors or have questions regarding CISD, I encourage you to contact me personally at 903-427-3891 (extension 701). We must all work together in providing the absolute best learning atmosphere for our CISD students. Communication is a key component of successful and quality productivity, and it must be honest and true communication.

Community involvement is one of the key aspects of a learning environment. At a time when such speculation is rampant, one would be wisely served to review our CISD Core Beliefs:

We believe…
…ALL students will learn,
…Adults will continue to learn and lead by example,
…Leadership is the responsibility of ALL stakeholders,
…Change begins with US,
…Open communication and respect for ALL stakeholders encourages the diversity of our community,
…Teamwork will achieve our common goals through respect, trust and encouragement,
…EVERY stakeholder is accountable and responsible for students becoming productive citizens, and
…As a community, we strive to meet each child’s goal of educational excellence.

Please remember that the CISD Core Beliefs were created as a result of discussions among community members, parents, CISD staff and students, and board members. These statements reflect who we are as a learning community. Remember to “Be All YOU Can Be at CISD!”